The conservative Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin has a new TV ad that says Wisconsin “can’t afford Tony Evers.”

The second ad the group has run in the general election opens with the narrator saying “every dollar matters,” but “we could pay more, much more” with Evers.

The narrator says Evers is open to a hike in gas taxes, “Even a dollar more per gallon.
New tolls too. He says everything is on the table.”

Shortly after Evers won the Dem primary, Walker suggested his Dem rival would seek to raise the gas tax, now 32.9 cents a gallon, by a dollar. Evers initially said “Everything is on the table” when asked about the suggestion. But his campaign said later in the day he wasn’t open to a hike of $1.

The narrator asks who would benefit from Evers’ higher taxes because his policies “will drive up the costs of construction.”

The narrator concludes the spot, “Higher taxes. Higher costs. We can’t afford Tony Evers.”

AFP-Wisconsin said it’s a $1.3 million buy that will run throughout the state. But it didn’t specify in which markets.

See the ad:

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