Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel recently awarded the first School Safety Grant to the Kenosha Unified School District for over $880,000. The grant will be divided across the schools within the district to focus on youth mental health training among staff as well as integrating safety upgrades to school buildings to protect teachers and students.

From the Associated Press: The district will get about $888,800. The district will use the money to train staff in youth mental health, building security assessments, physical building safety upgrades such as door locks and training in how to spot threats to schools on social media.

From the Kenosha News: In creating the Office of School Safety and the grant process two months ago, the idea was to allow local school districts and law enforcement agencies to tailor their own plans.

From Fox 6 Now News: “The grant program created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice is a smart and innovative approach to implementing the change needed to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. Our program is efficient, smart, and innovative – and we’re seeing results 65 days later. That is quite a feat. I can’t think of too many programs that have done so much in such a short time related to such an important policy – the safety of our children.” – AG Schimel

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