MADISON, Wis. – Late yesterday, in Anderson, et al. v. Loertscher, a challenge to the state’s Unborn Child Protection Act, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit unanimously ruled that because the plaintiff has moved out of Wisconsin, her lawsuit is moot. The Unborn Child Protection Act remains law. The Unborn Child Protection Act or 1997 Wisconsin Act 292 gives state actors the legal authority to assist substance-addicted, pregnant women with their addiction, thus protecting both the mothers and their unborn children.

Attorney General Brad Schimel released the following statement in response to the Court’s opinion.

“Given Wisconsin’s drug crisis, the Unborn Child Protection Act is more important now than ever before. I’m pleased to see the Unborn Child Protection Act remain on the books. Law enforcement officers and human services providers have used the Unborn Child Protection Act for many years to aid drug-addicted women and will now be able to continue their important work that makes mothers and children safer and stronger.”

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