Applicants for jobs with the City of Milwaukee would no longer be asked about their salary history, under a proposal being authored by Alderman Tony Zielinski. Ald. Zielinski says it would work toward closing the wage gap in which women are being unfairly paid less than men. Determining a new hire’s salary on previous compensation continues pay disparities between men and women, who may have been under paid in the past.

“My measure would help us from perpetuating the historically low pay of women,” said Ald. Zielinski. “It’s important we finally start addressing this gender pay gap once and for all.”

Alderman Zielinski’s proposal has the support of an organization that has long advocated for equal pay for equal work.

“I’m excited that the City of Milwaukee is taking a step in leadership in creating a supportive environment for women and people of color here in the City of Milwaukee, “said Astar Herndon, state director of 9to5 Wisconsin. “It helps close the wage gap that we must really dedicate ourselves to closing.”

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