Contact: Karen Hickey

“Wisconsin voters have gone to the polls to reject Scott Walker’s union-busting style of politics and voted him out of office,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.  “Tony Ever’s victory is a clear signal that Wisconsinites will not stand for attacks on workers’ rights and our freedom to collectively bargain. We look forward to working with the Evers Administration to restore union rights to every Wisconsin worker, raise wages, fully fund our schools and invest in infrastructure so that we can finally fix our roads and bridges.”

“Union members have been doing the grassroots work of lacing up our boots and having conversations on front porch steps, in the workplace, over the phone, and at the mail box to ramp up the union vote for pro-worker candidates,” continued President Bloomingdale.  “The ground work of labor activism made the difference Tuesday.”

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