For Immediate Release:
Sept. 17th, 2018
Contact: Phil Anderson
Anderson for WI Governor
Phone: 608-361-8608

Anderson for WI Governor: calls for the establishment of a Universal Open Enrollment program in Wisconsin

Madison, WI, September 17th, 2018 – Libertarian Party candidate for Governor Phil Anderson calls for the establishment of a Universal Open Enrollment program in Wisconsin.

“Education shouldn’t be under the exclusive control of bureaucrats in State government,” said Anderson. “Students and parents should have the right to choose any number of options for education, whether those are public, private, or to opt out of any system altogether.”

Anderson also criticized the two major party nominees for governor. “Both Scott Walker and Tony Evers will claim they are going to be the Education Governor, but both share the same dictatorial control impulse over local schools and will just continue the current, underperforming system.”

Anderson proposes a six-point plan for K-12 education reform:

  1. Open up total freedom for parents and students through Universal Open Enrollment. Allow per-student money to move with the student, whether they enroll in a public school, private school, or are home schooled.
  2. Refuse to accept any further Federal funds for schools. Federal dollars account for seven percent of school funding, this amount could be easily done away with since there are added costs attached to following the dictates included with them. Any remaining shortfall could be covered through elimination of wasteful and unnecessary programs imposed on localities by the State.
  3. Return control of public schools to local districts. By eliminating the need to comply with Federal mandates and by getting State government out of the business of dictating policy and curriculum, local districts would be free to pursue whatever programs or educational models they found relevant and attractive.
  4. We would encourage local businesses and industries to offer student internships and other learning and training opportunities. However, we are concerned with attempts by self-serving corporations to intrude into schools for their own self-interest in ways that may distort a well-rounded education. We will absolutely resist any attempts by State entities to encourage such unhealthy relationships.
  5. All manners of innovations in education should be encouraged. This could include parent or teacher co-ops, distance learning, or varieties of learning models. Any state regulations that hinder innovation in the name of protecting union power or supplying the needs of big business or benefiting any other entrenched interests should be removed so that local schools can pursue their own course of education.
  6. Student privacy should be protected at all times. Educational records, test scores, or psycho-social grading should be held as closely as medical records and should never be shared without parental knowledge and permission and should be strictly limited to legitimate educational purposes. We adamantly oppose any model that creates a portable record for students that can be shared with any outside interests, including future employers.

“Public schools should compete for students by providing programs that are up to date and relevant to student needs,” said Anderson. “We believe high quality public schools will thrive, while underperforming schools may not survive, which will serve the interests of students and communities in the long run.”

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