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Anderson campaign: Former Republican Governor Bill Weld endorses Libertarian Phil Anderson for Governor of Wisconsin

Former Republican Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, the former Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President, has endorsed Phil Anderson for Governor of Wisconsin. “It is my fervent hope that when the votes are counted this year, the Libertarian Party will have vaulted into a position where all of our historical struggles for recognition will seem a thing of the past,” said Governor Weld. “Phil’s positions on all the issues are sound, common sense solutions to the challenges Wisconsin faces. They’re lucky to have him!”

“I am particularly pleased with Bill’s endorsement, as he didn’t really have to make one. He’s a former Governor who is known for cutting spending, and working with both Democrats and Republicans,” says Anderson. “I’m proud to have earned his endorsement!”

Governor Weld further stated: “I could not be more grateful for his service not only as our leader in Wisconsin, but for leading the Libertarian Party candidates for State Assembly as well! I endorse his candidacy and wish him Godspeed and success in the election.”

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