Contact: Phil Anderson
Anderson for WI Governor
Phone: 608-361-8608
Email: [email protected]

Madison, WI – Libertarian Party candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor call for elimination of the Wisconsin personal income tax.

“As Governor, I will do everything in my power, including wielding the line item veto, to get rid of the state income tax,” stated Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for Governor. “For too long, Wisconsin government has overtaxed and overspent, rewarding cronies and mismanaging funds. It’s time for the gravy train to end.”

Patrick Baird, Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor, agrees. “Income taxes in particular are a blank check to state government, without accountability for how, and how much, is spent. While we seek to dramatically reduce government, abolishing the state income tax would remove one of the most egregious examples of government abuse and corruption.”

The candidates’ campaign website, TEAMGUV.ORG states: ELIMINATE THE INCOME TAX. Unchecked growth of government is fueled by overly broad taxation. Tax cuts alone are not enough to permanently reduce the role of government in people’s lives, taxation itself should be limited as much as possible. Wisconsin should follow the lead of Texas, South Dakota, Florida, and Washington State and find ways to fund operations without an income tax.

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