Scheduled Events
On Monday, January 8th, you are invited to the Anti-Bullying Music Video No Amount of Tears. This event will be held at Zilber School of Public  Health -UWM 1240 N. 10th St. at 6:30PM.
Guest Speakers:
County Supervisor Peggy West – Discuss the Bullying Legislation for Milwaukee County.
Alderman Ashainti Hamilton – Discuss the Bullying Legislation for the City of Milwaukee
Alderman   Tony Zenliski – Discuss Bullying Task Force
State Representative David Crowley Discuss State Legislation on Bullying.
Also here is a teaser of anti-bullying music video.
No child should have to experience bullying…
Official video – Coming Soon….
Tracey Dent – President of Peace for Change Alliance Inc.
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