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Scott C. Solverson, P.E., AVS, President of the American Public Works Association – Wisconsin Chapter, issued the following statement on the appointment of Craig Thompson as Secretary of the Department of Transportation:

“As President of APWA Wisconsin, I commend Governor-elect Evers on his appointment of Craig Thompson as Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Having known Mr. Thompson for many years, I can say unequivocally that he shares the vision that APWA Wisconsin has for connecting our citizenry in a cost-effective and responsible manner”.

“I have worked with Mr. Thompson in his capacity as Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association on the efforts to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to protect the transportation fund. TDA, under the leadership of Mr. Thompson, brought all sectors and regions of the State together to get that constitutional amendment placed on the ballot in 2014. Craig and TDA worked tirelessly to garner support and as a result it passed with an 80% “yes” vote.

“It is my experience working with Mr. Thompson on this, and many other issues, that leads me to whole-heartedly endorse this selection by Governor-elect Evers. Craig is a proven leader, a thoughtful professional, and a tremendous asset, and advocate for the people of the State of Wisconsin’.

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