While other communities praise the $4 million released by Governor Scott Walker to address solutions to eliminate lead in service water lines, Senator Chris Larson would instead rather attack the designated monies. As Republicans allocate funds to help eliminate this major health concern, Milwaukee Common Council Democrats and Democrat Wisconsin legislators, led by Chris Larson, continue to either remain quiet on this issue or seem to presume a press release is “action.” Isn’t this technically a “city” issue that hasn’t been resolved by the governing body whose responsibility it really is? Do we need to be reminded which party controls the City of Milwaukee? Even so, Democrats held power over this state for years; why was this not dealt with at the state level until now? If we’re going to be partisan, we might as well be precise.

When I am elected, I will continue to work with Governor Walker and the DNR to find available funding to put our children’s health concerns FIRST. We can continue to accomplish this with the unceasing budget surpluses that the Republican platform keeps raking in, now that the conservative policies that were put in place have had time to work (just like we said they would). Not only will I be more effective as a legislator at making this happen, I won’t be the one to complain when help actually arrives. It’s time to put people before Party.

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