Contact: Kyle Schwarm,


MADISON, WI – Statement from John Mielke, president of Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Wisconsin on the passing of Assembly Bill 508 passing the Senate Tuesday:

“Even before Foxconn construction, there’s a shortage of skilled trades men and women in Wisconsin. Construction employers can’t train as many apprentices as they want because of current DWD rules that are prohibitive, if not convoluted. Wisconsin is behind other states, including: Iowa, Utah, North Dakota, Colorado and Nebraska, which all have 1-1 apprenticeship to journey-person ratios. The federal government routinely approves 1-1 ratios for its apprenticeship programs. Michigan just passed a law that allows 3 electrical apprentices to serve under 1 skilled worker. AB 508 will help get more individuals into the skilled trades without costing taxpayers any more money or endangering safety.”

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