$35 average grassroots online donations made to counter big money outside spending in Wisconsin

MADISON – Tammy Baldwin for Senate today announced the campaign raised more than $2.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2017 with grassroots online donations averaging $35 each.

The small dollar donations and the tens of thousands of first-time contributors show a groundswell of grassroots support as big money special interests have made Tammy Baldwin their top target. Already, the outside spending in Wisconsin against Tammy Baldwin is nearly $5 million dollars. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, outside spending against Tammy Baldwin so far is more than the amount spent against all other Democratic Senators up in 2018 – combined.

“Out-of-state special interests have made Tammy their top target, but we can overcome this big money outside spending by building on this outpouring of grassroots support. Wisconsinites know that Tammy puts Wisconsin first and they want Washington to work for them – not special interests,” said Tammy Baldwin for Senate campaign manager Scott Spector.

The campaign heads into 2018 with $7 million cash-on-hand, millions more than Ron Johnson or Russ Feingold had heading into 2016. The fundraising effort also broke off-year Wisconsin federal fundraising records for quarter and annual totals.

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