Baldwin campaign: Debate preview: Down double digits, get ready for Leah Vukmir to desperately attack again

AUDIO: Listen to debate day recap call from this morning

Vukmir’s previous desperate attacks deemed “false”, “pants on fire”, “absurd smear”

WAUSAU — Ahead of the second U.S. Senate debate, Leah Vukmir has been leveling increasingly desperate attacks. Leah Vukmir’s previous attacks have been called “false”, “pants on fire” and an “absurd smear” by non-partisan media outlets. Even a conservative outlet said a Vukmir attack “insults the intelligence and character” of Wisconsin voters.

Following two polls this week with Leah Vukmir down double digits and losing ground, Leah Vukmir is set to ratchet up her desperate rhetoric in the second debate.

“The more that Wisconsinites find out about Leah Vukmir, the less they like her record of putting special interests first,” said campaign spokesperson Bill Neidhardt. “At this debate, expect Leah Vukmir to launch into whatever desperate attacks it takes to dodge, deflect and distract from her record of siding with insurance companies and her corporate special interest backers.”

Thursday’s NBC/Marist poll found Leah Vukmir down 14 points and Wednesday’s Marquette Law School poll found Leah Vukmir down 10 points, with a disastrous negative 13 favorability rating.

Both polls also showed that health care and pre-existing condition protections are a top priority for Wisconsin voters. The Marquette poll showed that 93% of Wisconsin voters believe it’s very or somewhat important to require coverage for pre-existing conditions. The NBC/Marist poll and a previous Suffolk-Journal Sentinel poll both found health care is the top issue for voters in this race.

This morning, following a series of tweets yesterday from Leah Vukmir doubling down on killing a bill that requires insurance companies cover oral chemotherapy, two Wisconsinites held a press conference call on the issue. AUDIO of the call here.

The latest Tammy Baldwin for Senate ad featured Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions outlining the choice this election between Tammy Baldwin and Leah Vukmir: “It’s a pretty clear choice. Leah Vukmir is for the insurance companies and Tammy Baldwin’s for us.”

Tammy Baldwin has continued to make affordable health care a top focus. This week, Tammy forced a health care vote in the U.S. Senate on overturning the expansion of junk plans that allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Tammy’s legislation received bipartisan support, even under a rare Trump administration veto threat, and changed the national narrative around protecting health care.

Despite what Leah Vukmir will say at the debate, she supports multiple efforts to gut pre-existing condition protections and allow insurance companies to deny coverage.

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