Baldwin campaign: In final debate, Baldwin Triumphs and Vukmir desperately flails 

MILWAUKEE — In the final U.S. Senate debate, Tammy Baldwin again delivered a resounding win as Leah Vukmir continued to hurl desperate attacks.

“Tonight, Leah Vukmir continued to desperately flail as she struggles to gain traction down double digits,” said campaign spokesman Bill Neidhardt. “In each of these debates, Wisconsinites have seen the clear choice in this election: Tammy Baldwin stands up for Wisconsin while Leah Vukmir sides with special interests. ”


Leah Vukmir again admitted she is running to be the deciding vote to gut pre-existing condition protections.

Tammy Baldwin showed she puts Wisconsin first, while Leah Vukmir doubled down on being a rubber stamp for the White House.

Tammy Baldwin detailed Leah Vukmir’s ties to the Koch-backed corporate special interest group ALEC.

Leah Vukmir was more desperate than ever, hurling false attacks in the face of double-digit deficits in multiple polls.

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