Baldwin campaign: Local Wisconsinites highlight Baldwin’s victory in Wausau debate

WAUSAU — Wisconsinites today responded to Tammy Baldwin’s decisive victory and Leah Vukmir’s desperate attempts to distract from her record during last night’s debate in Wausau:

“As a State Representative, I know Leah Vukmir, and what I saw last night was a new low from an increasingly desperate politician,” said State Representative Katrina Shankland. “Despite what Leah Vukmir said at the debate, she supports multiple efforts to gut pre-existing condition protections and allow insurance companies to deny coverage. Our job is to represent Wisconsinites, not take orders from insurance companies and say whatever you can to distract from your attempts to take people’s health care away.”

“Last night, I watched Leah Vukmir constantly throw vicious, inaccurate attacks at Tammy Baldwin. I know what that’s like personally. Senator Vukmir once sent me an insulting letter that said I was lying to people and easily duped when it comes to health care,” said Shannon Thielman of Wausau. “Well, I’m a nurse, a widowed mom of a young child, a breast cancer survivor and a person with several other pre-existing conditions. I know exactly what I mean when I say that Tammy Baldwin has always stood up for people like me, while Leah Vukmir just wants to stand up for insurance companies. This is personal. If Vukmir succeeds in eliminating protections for people with pre-existing conditions, or forces people into super-expensive high risk pools, my own health will suffer. Like many others, I will no longer be able to afford the health care I need, to be able to take care of myself and my child.”

“Last night, Senator Tammy Baldwin reinforced why she is the clear choice to represent Wisconsin veterans. Leah Vukmir again politicized my health care, and I won’t have any of it,” said Gary Hawley, USCG (ret.) and Veterans for Tammy representative. “Tammy is doing right by us veterans, whether it’s ensuring we have quality health care, opportunities for good paying jobs or pushing for reforms at the VA to improve our care — so stop the nonsense Leah Vukmir.”

Heading into last night’s desperate performance from Leah Vukmir, two new polls showed Vukmir down double digits. A NBC/Marist poll on Thursday found Leah Vukmir down 14 points to Tammy Baldwin and a Marquette Law School poll on Wednesday also found Leah Vukmir down 10 points, with a disastrous negative 13 favorability rating.

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