MILWAUKEE — U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin today announced STUDENTS FOR TAMMY at events in Madison and Milwaukee.

Across the state, young Wisconsinites enrolled in high school and college have joined STUDENTS FOR TAMMY to support Tammy Baldwin’s fight for debt-free higher education and affordable health care, and speak out against Leah Vukmir’s embrace of Secretary Betsy DeVos’ special interest agenda.

“Young Wisconsinites are working hard and all that they ask for is a chance to get ahead and build a better future for themselves and our entire state,” said Tammy Baldwin. “That’s why I championed allowing people to stay on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26 and introduced landmark college affordability reforms to strengthen Pell Grants and let graduates refinance their suffocating debt.”

“Whether you’re a high school student dreading the overwhelming debt coming your way or a college senior like me who is looking to stay on my parents’ health care until I’m 26 so I can build my career, students are ready to get out the vote for Tammy Baldwin this fall,” said Brianna Koerth, Chair, College Democrats of Wisconsin. “The choice for us is clear: Tammy Baldwin stands with students while Leah Vukmir sides with Betsy DeVos and big banks making big bucks off our debt.”

In the Senate, Tammy Baldwin is an unrivaled leader in fighting for young Wisconsinites. Tammy Baldwin has stood up to insurance companies by requiring coverage for young people and she is fighting the Wall Street banks making massive profits off of student loan debt. Learn more on the STUDENTS FOR TAMMY page.

Leah Vukmir has sided with those powerful special interests and has embraced Education Secretary Bety DeVos, whose agenda cuts vital college affordability programs and puts for-profit schools ahead of students. Leah Vukmir has even called for the end of federal student loan programs, like Perkins and Stafford Loans that help thousands of Wisconsinites access higher education every school year.


Vukmir Called DeVos A “Great Education Reform” Leader. @LeahVukmir: ‘Two great education reform leaders! Thank you for all you do! #itrustparents” [Twitter, @LeahVukmir, 3/15/17]

Vukmir Supported Ending The Role Of The Federal Department Of Education. “Vukmir said she is a “strong proponent of federalism,” called for Common Core to be eliminated and said education decisions should be made at the local level. She agreed with the questioner that the role of the Department of Education should be handed over to the states.” [Journal Sentinel, 5/31/18]

Journal Sentinel: “Vukmir Said ‘We Have To Get The Federal Government Out Of The Business Of Loans,’ And Said Students Are Being Set Up For Failure.” [Journal Sentinel, 5/31/18]

On Student Loans, Vukmir Spokeswoman Said Vukmir Thinks “The Federal Government Doesn’t Belong In The Business Of Administering Loans.” “Asked after the forum if Vukmir wants the federal government to stop subsidizing student loans, as President Donald Trump has proposed, Vukmir spokeswoman Jess Ward said “she means that the federal government doesn’t belong in the business of administering loans.” [Wisconsin State Journal, 5/31/18]

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