Baldwin campaign: Vukmir admitted yesterday she would be the deciding vote to gut pre-existing condition protections

MADISON — A day after the launch of TheDeciding.Vote, Leah Vukmir admitted in a talk radio interview yesterday that she would cast the deciding vote to repeal health care and gut protections for pre-existing conditions.


On WTMJ Milwaukee’s Steve Scaffidi Show, Leah Vukmir said: “I’m gonna fight like heck to beat Tammy Baldwin, so I can be that extra voice in the Senate. So, when a proposal does get passed over from the House it doesn’t fall short in the Senate like it did.

The bill Leah Vukmir is committing to passing is the AHCA — a partisan health care repeal plan pushed through the House of Representatives last year. This repeal bill would:

  • Gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Take coverage away from 23 million Americans.
  • Place an age tax on older Wisconsinites by allowing insurance companies charge them thousands more for coverage, according to the AARP.
  • Endear Leah Vukmir to ALEC’s corporate backers, who endorsed the bill.

Leah Vukmir’s comments yesterday show that she has no regrets for her plans to be the deciding vote to gut pre-existing condition protections, said campaign spokesperson Bill Neidhardt.Wisconsinites were one vote away from Washington pushing a devastating health care repeal, and no desperate attack from Leah Vukmir will hide her true intentions from Wisconsin voters.”

These new comments from Leah Vukmir confirm what Vice President Pence said when he visited Wisconsin last month, as highlighted on the new Tammy Baldwin for Senate microsite, TheDeciding.Vote.

Recent polling shows that health care and pre-existing condition protections are a top priority for Wisconsin voters. Last week, a Marquette poll showed that 93% of Wisconsin voters believe it’s “important” to require coverage for pre-existing conditions. And a recent NBC/Marist poll and a previous Suffolk-Journal Sentinel poll both found health care is the top issue for voters in this race.

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