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Wisconsinites want to know why Leah Vukmir sides with the insurance companies, not them

MADISON — In a new Tammy Baldwin for Senate ad, Wisconsinites ask Leah Vukmir “Why” she repeatedly sides with insurance companies over people.


“Wisconsinites all across the state want to know why Leah Vukmir is siding with the insurance companies over them,” said campaign spokesperson Bill Neidhardt. “Despite Leah Vukmir’s desperate rhetoric and empty statements about our health care, she still needs to answer this critical question for every person with a pre-existing condition, infant with heart defects, loved one with Alzheimer’s, children with hearing impairments, and Wisconsinites facing mental health challenges.” 

In “Why?”, multiple Wisconsinites from across the state ask:

  • “Why would Leah Vukmir be one of the only legislators to vote against hearing aids for children?” 
    [SB 27, 2009 Assembly Journal 145, 4/23/2009]
  • “Why would Leah Vukmir want to get rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions?”
    [Wisconsin State Journal, 8/27/2018
  • “Why would she block heart screenings for newborns?”
    [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/22/2013]
  • “Why would Leah Vukmir be the only one to oppose Alzheimer’s research?”
    [AB 784, 2015 Wisconsin Senate Journal 586, 2/08/2016]
  • “Why would she vote over and over against mental health coverage?”
    [SB 71, 2004 Wisconsin Senate Journal, 3/11/2004]
    [SB 362, 2010 Wisconsin Assembly Journal 843, 4/15/2010]
    [AB 64Motion 136, Executive Session Held 5/11/2017]

Throughout her 16-year career as a politician, Leah Vukmir has repeatedly sided with insurance companies over Wisconsinites. This is a clear contrast to Tammy Baldwin, who is standing up to those insurance companies and leading the fight to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Health care is the top issue for voters in this race according to multiple polls.  The latest Marquette Law School poll showed that 93% of Wisconsin votersbelieve it’s very or somewhat important to require coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Four previous Tammy Baldwin for Senate ads have highlighted Tammy Baldwin’s efforts to protect affordable health care for people with pre-existing conditions:  AshamedWhat Would HappenBoth Sides and Clear Choice.

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