Justin Bielinski

Milwaukee: AFSCME People, the political arm of American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 32, representing the State of Wisconsin, today endorsed Mandela Barnes in the race for WI Lieutenant Governor.

AFSCME represents public employees in a variety of sectors across Wisconsin, and its members have been the target of conservative attacks from both the Walker administration and the United States Supreme Court, in the form of ACT 10, “Right-to-work,” and the recent Janus decision.

“I am proud to receive AFSCME’s endorsement and promise to work with them to improve the wages, benefits, working conditions, and quality of life for everyone.” Barnes said. “Wisconsinites have been living under the Janus decision on steroids since 2011, when Scott Walker pushed through Act 10. The rights of workers to bargain collectively is something that must be restored, and I am committed to doing what I can to make that happen as part of the new Democratic administration.”

The AFSCME endorsement is the latest in a string of support for the Mandela Barnes campaign from organized labor, including UAW, CWA, Teamsters, Ironworkers Local 8, and AFT Local 212.

Mandela Barnes is a former 2-term state legislator, community organizer, and policy professional from Milwaukee. He is seeking the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the August 14th primary election. More information is available at

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