Justin Bielinski
[email protected]

Oskhosh — This weekend, from June 1st through June 2nd, Wisconsin Democrats held their annual convention at the Oshkosh Convention center. Over 1,000 Democrats from across the state were in attendance as party activists and guests met to discuss policy, hear speeches from current elected officials, socialize, and meet with dozens of candidates for office in the 2018 elections

As is tradition, WisPolitics, a non-partisan news source on all things political in Wisconsin, conducted a straw poll of convention attendees to take the pulse of Democrats on the candidates running for office in 2018. In the Lieutenant Governor category, Mandela Barnes emerged victorious with 80.9% of the vote in the 2-way primary, earning 617 out of 763 total votes.

As he did in his floor speech at the convention, Mandela responded to news of his victory in the straw poll with a call for party unity.

“If we’re going to be victorious this November, we need to come together as a party, by bringing together all shades of blue.” Mandela said. “Big corporations have written the rules for far too long in this state, and this is the year that we as Democrats need to lead with a vision. A blue wave is definitely possible, but it won’t just happen. It’s going to take every one of us making a splash.”

Mandela Barnes is a former 2-term state legislator, community organizer, and policy professional from Milwaukee. He is seeking the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the August 14th primary election. More information is available at

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