Dem lt. guv candidate Mandela Barnes is pledging to make the state “the place we all want it to be” in his first TV ad.

The spot includes interviews with seven different backers who highlight the former state rep’s election to the Assembly at 25 and his childhood growing up in a “tough neighborhood, the most incarcerated zip code in the entire country.”  

They go on to say Wisconsin residents “see the best parts of themselves in Mandela,” including their struggles and determination.

The camera then pans to shots of Barnes talking with constituents in a dairy barn and addressing the state Dem Party convention.  

“I grew up knowing about the greatness of Wisconsin, but also how it can break your heart,” he says. “I was raised to never take my eye off the goal. I know we can make Wisconsin the place we all want it to be.”

The ad will being airing tomorrow, according to the campaign, and will run through Tuesday.

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