For Immediate Release:

Speaker Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Bryan Steil today, along with the previous endorsement of Reince Priebus and the strategic timing of the Speaker’s retirement announcement, are consistent with the frequent criticisms I have been hearing from both voters and grassroots volunteers alike: “The fix was in on April 11th.”

My friends, family and all the voters in Wisconsin’s 1stCongressional District deserve an alternative to the establishment’s handpicked candidate. The People are fed up with these sorts of establishment shenanigans and I will continue to challenge my opponent up until Election Day on August 14th.

My opponent has the privilege of more money, more establishment support, and access to Speaker Ryan’s campaign team, not to mention the ability to campaign full-time rather than work a 40-hour workweek like the rest of us. I do not fault him or judge him for this privilege. But I believe strongly that money, power, connections and access will only get you so far with The People of the 1stDistrict.

I have spent my adult life working hands on with people facing tragedy, suffering, pain and profound loss. I spend every day of my life sitting with people, many from the 1stDistrict, who feel hopeless and are uncertain about their future. I dedicate every day of my life to helping them find ways to recognize and access the vast resources they have within themselves to solve problems and overcome life’s challenges. I want to bring that experience to the job of U.S. Representative for the 1stDistrict of Wisconsin.

I am not running for Congress as an opportunity to pursue a lifetime political career. I am running because we are facing real problems in our cities, our state and our country and I am concerned that big government is going to continue doing what it has always done, write more and more laws that only make things more complicated for people like you and me who are in the community actually trying to address the problems head on.

On August 14th, The People of the 1stDistrict will get to choose their candidate and I will continue to make every effort between now and then to stay relevant in this race and to ensure The People of the 1stDistrict know I am still the Right Person to represent them – to fight for them – in Washington!

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