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County Preemptively Strikes to Avoid Further Wasting of Taxpayer Money

(Brown County, Wis.) – Today, County Executive Troy Streckenbach is taking preemptive action to finally resolve any alleged uncertainty surrounding the County sales tax needlessly caused by the actions of the Brown County Taxpayers Association (BCTA) and Milwaukee special interest group Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL).

“I believe it is in the best interest of the taxpayers of Brown County to resolve this legal issue quickly,” says County Executive Troy Streckenbach. “The BCTA, through their initial lawsuit and their subsequent filing of an official claim, has created uncertainty and having uncertainty at any level of government is not a good thing – especially as we start preparing the 2019 budget. The County doesn’t have bottomless pockets like BCTA, who’s engaged a special interest group to foot the bill.”

The County’s Debt Reduction, Infrastructure and Property Tax Relief Plan, which came about after months of study and analysis, relies on a temporary, 72-month half-percent sales tax that will be used to cut Brown County’s debt in half by over $70 million, cuts up the credit card by not issuing any new debt, saves $40 million in interest payments, reduces the property tax rate and retires debt service levy.

“The BCTA continues costing Brown County taxpayers with this long, drawn out legal process based upon, in my opinion, a meritless claim,” said Patrick W. Moynihan, Jr., Chairman of the Brown County Board of Supervisors. “There seems to be a theme coming from the BCTA leadership…It’s easy to sue if you’re not the one paying the bill.”

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