1st CD Dem Randy Bryce in his latest TV ad acknowledges he’s “made mistakes in the past.”

The 30-second ad opens with Bryce addressing the camera, saying he’s “a lot of things,” including an ironworker, veteran and cancer survivor.

“And I’ve made mistakes in the past,” he says. “It’s a shame that people feel that if they’ve had some brushes with the law or done something in the past that it’s going to disqualify them from being able to stand up for their neighbors.”

Bryce has been arrested nine times, including three for driving with a suspended license. His record also includes a drunken driving arrest from 1998.

The ad includes footage of Bryce talking with others others on a porch, as he says “people do make mistakes and I was raised to own up to what I did in the past that was wrong.”

“It’s not about who’s the more perfect person to represent you,” Bryce continues as the ad cuts to footage of him standing on a sidewalk in a sunny neighborhood, before jumping back to him addressing the camera. “It’s about who understands the hardships that you’re going to face in order to make your world a better place.”

A Bryce spokeswoman says the campaign is spending $175,000 on the spot.

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