Contact: Lauren Hitt,

RACINE, WI – Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce will attend the President’s State of the Union address as Representative Mark Pocan’s guest on Tuesday, January 30. Bryce is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

“It’s important to be there in person to hold Speaker Ryan accountable since he won’t hold a public town hall in the District,” said Bryce. “And, it’s been hard to pin down who exactly he’s representing lately. He told us his tax reform bill was for the middle class, and then we find out he got a $500,000 campaign contribution from the Kochs just days after the bill passed. He publicly promised a DREAMer and her daughter that they didn’t have to fear deportation, but then he sided with extremists in his party and refused to commit to a vote on DACA during the budget negotiations. After 20 years in D.C., Ryan is siding with special interests and wealthy donors over the people of Wisconsin.”

In addition to attending the State of the Union, the Bryce campaign will also air a TV ad prior to the address on national TV and Wisconsin broadcast. The ad, “Joint Agenda,” highlights the contrast between the Trump-Ryan agenda and Randy’s working-class values. The ad can be viewed here.

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