Contact: Julia Savel, 973-525-5579,

RACINE, WI – Today, Randy Bryce demands all Federal IDs and government documents have a gender non-binary option.

“By not recognizing non-binary genders on federal IDs, our government currently forces individuals with non-binary genders to misgender themselves nearly every time they interact with our government. This policy makes so many people hide who they really are. This is wrong, and it must end,” said Randy Byrce. “Our federal government needs to stand up and allow all people to represent their true selves. We need our non-binary friends to gain the representation, freedom, and visibility they deserve. America is truly great when every person has the freedom to lead the life they want to live, and for too long our trans and non-binary friends have not had that right or opportunity to do so. I know that I can’t understand firsthand what it’s like walking around every day in a society that refuses to accept who I am, but I vow to work every day to be the best ally to the non-binary community that I possibly can, and making our government recognize the existence of non-binary individuals with this change is an important first step to take.”

“Often, in the fight for gender equality, folks tend to exclude those that do not prescribe to the binary that is our gender system. Rarely given platforms in mainstream media and politics, non-binary and gender non-conforming people face neglect in multiple aspects of society due to a lack of visibility and respect,” said Michaé Pulido, Policy Strategist and Organizer at TransLatin@ Coalition and member of Trans United Fund (Pronouns: They/She). “One main barrier to equity for non-binary and gender non-conforming people is the lack of access to gender markers on ID documents that reflect the appropriate gender identity of individuals. This is an issue that needs to be challenged on federal and state levels and having elected officials that will bring these issues to the forefront is necessary to help reach equity for all trans and gender non-conforming people. Randy Bryce is one of the few candidates for Congress that has been an active advocate for our communities. Although it is vital that we have actual trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in positions of power, strong allies are definitely helpful in our fight for liberation. TransLatin@ Coalition and Trans United Fund happily support Randy Bryce to represent Wisconsin’s 1st District.”

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