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RACINE, WI – In the wake of hundreds of newspaper editorial boards standing up to Donald Trump’s attacks on the press, Randy Bryce released the following statement.

“When I served in the U.S. Army, I took an oath to defend America from enemies of the people. I know the real threats to this country– and I can tell you the free press is not the enemy.  The press holds our leaders accountable and seeks the truth. While I may not always agree with them, I continue to fight for and respect the First Amendment. Trump must stop these dangerous attacks on the press and our democracy.  As our President, he needs to refocus his attention on the problems of working people.”

“Today I call on Bryan Steil to join me and take a stand against Trump’s war on the media. This issue reaches beyond partisan politics—it’s time for our leaders and those seeking elected office to stand up for the ideals on which our country was founded.”

About Randy Bryce

Randy Bryce is a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, and union ironworker. He was raised in southeastern Wisconsin, and went to public school. Randy’s father was a police officer, and his mother worked in a doctor’s office. After graduation, Randy enlisted in the U.S. Army, and was posted to Honduras, where he earned the Army Achievement Medal. After returning stateside, Randy was diagnosed with cancer, which he survived, but only after struggling through the bankruptcy that came with the medical bills. Once in remission, Randy found his way to an apprenticeship as an iron worker, a trade he’s now been practicing and fighting to protect from anti-labor laws for nearly 20 years. Randy currently resides in Caledonia, WI with his son, Ben, who attends public schools like his dad. Randy joined the race for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District in Summer 2017.

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