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Following Ryan’s comments that he intends to use his remaining 9 months to focus on fundraising

RACINE, WI – Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce is calling on Speaker Ryan to resign immediately, following comments from the Speaker and his allies that Ryan intends to primarily use his remaining nine months in office to fundraise across the country.

“The people of the First District deserve a Congressman who will actually represent them and fight for their interests, not one who is going to dedicate the better part of a year to fundraising for other Representatives across the country. Ryan’s statements yesterday mean that Southeastern Wisconsin won’t be represented in Congress until late January of next year. Ryan should step down immediately, so we can have a special election, and get a Congressman who will actually work for the people of the First District in 2018.”

The head of Ryan’s super PAC was very clear yesterday about how the Speaker would be spending his remaining time in office, saying “If anything, Ryan’s decision ‘frees up the speaker to raise more money for Republicans across the country,’ said Corry Bliss, executive director at the Congressional Leadership Fund.” (AP, 2/12/2018)

Ryan confirmed Bliss’ statement when he told reporters yesterday afternoon that he was confident he would retain his Speakership until the end of his term because “There is nobody who’s comes close to being able to raise the kind of funds I have and still can raise for this majority. It makes no sense to take the biggest fundraiser off the field.” (USA Today, 4/12/2018 – emphasis added)

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