Contact: Julia Savel, 973-525-5579, [email protected]

RACINE, WI –  Randy Bryce released the following statement regarding the upcoming Farm Bill vote and ongoing negotiations.

“Paul Ryan and his Republican cronies are taking a page from the Scott Walker playbook with a heartless plan that would take SNAP benefits away from up to 2 million people (citation). These cuts haven’t helped working families in Wisconsin, and they won’t help working families or local farmers around the country. What was once a bill that had broad bipartisan support has been unnecessarily politicized as the GOP desperately tries to convince the public that their party is fiscally responsible — after they gave a $1.5 trillion tax cut to the 1%. The consequences of this sham of a bill could be dire — in Wisconsin alone, as many as 23,400 children could go hungry (citation).

It’s simple: millions of working families rely on SNAP benefits, but Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and their Republican colleagues don’t seem to care. It’s clear that special interests and corporate donors come first.”

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