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RACINE, WI – Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce released the following statement on Speaker Ryan’s call yesterday to gradually repeal the Affordable Care Act through a series of bill, rather than in one, as Republicans attempted previously. When asked yesterday by a Fox Business interviewer how he would address the massive deficit caused by his ‘tax reform’ bill and the latest budget, Ryan said, “What we tried to do was do it all in the House bill with repeal and replace….That would have been the biggest entitlement reform bill ever passed by Congress. So what are we doing [now]? We’re going back and doing it incrementally. Going back at incremental health care reform and other entitlement reforms so we can chip away at this problem.” (video). It was reported late yesterday that Republicans are specifically looking at ending the requirement that mid-size and large employers provide healthcare to full time employees.

“The American public overwhelmingly opposed Speaker Ryan’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have removed protections for pre-existing conditions, kicked $23 million Americans off their insurance and increased health care costs for seniors. But yesterday Paul Ryan announced that he is not giving up. His new strategy is to repeal the bill bit by bit through provisions hidden in larger, unrelated bills — while providing no alternative that will lessen premium costs or protect consumers from sky high drug costs.

Twenty years in D.C. has clearly changed Paul Ryan because the only people benefitting from the strategy he announced yesterday are the corporate special interests, like drug and health insurance companies, that fund his campaigns. I’ve pledged to take no corporate PAC contributions and I support Medicare for All because I think it’s our representative’s job to protect the health of Southeastern Wisconsin families – not the health of corporate profits.”

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