CONTACT:  Lauren Hitt

RACINE, WI – Today, Speaker Ryan is in Atlanta, visiting Home Depot, to tout the success of his “tax reform” law. Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce, who is running to replace Paul Ryan as the Congressman for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, released the following statement on the Speaker’s visit.

“Speaker Ryan’s visit to Home Depot in Atlanta is just another transparent P.R. stunt. While he continues to try to convince the American people that this tax plan was for the middle class, and not for the wealthy, the facts continue to say otherwise. The one-time bonuses Home Depot supplied to their employees was just a fraction of what they offered their shareholders.

“Home Depot’s sales associates and head cashiers make roughly $11/hour, which would put them just barely over the federal poverty line if they take no sick and no vacation. Their one-time bonuses don’t do much to change that fact. Employees will receive at most a $0.48 hourly increase in pay over the next year, and that’s only if they’ve worked for the company for over twenty years. Even then, this increase goes away after 2018. Home Depot’s shareholders on the other hand, were offered a $15 billion buy back program. Speaker Ryan can try to sell this plan to the middle class all he wants, but the facts are the facts: this plan is for the guy in the corner office, not the guy on the workroom floor.”

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