Contact: Julia Savel, 973-525-5579,

RACINE, WI – Randy Bryce released the following statement about the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy.

“This is disgusting. The Trump administration’s policy is inhumane. I have seen the pictures of mothers being ripped from their children. I have heard the screams of babies and children, some even younger than my son. I have read the stories about the hundreds of children locked in cages and lying on the floor. It’s heartbreaking and unfathomable for me as a parent and as a human being. This isn’t just a political issue– it’s a moral one.”

“Trump and the GOP can no longer sit idly by while a human rights crisis carries on in this country. An executive order isn’t enough. We need to end this zero tolerance policy. We need to reunite families. We also need to abolish ICE. Bottom line– we need real change. And although Trump may say differently, this isn’t the Democrats’ fault– this tragedy happened because the GOP put party over people once again. And this November, people across the country won’t forget it.”

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