Contact: Julia Savel, 973-525-5579, [email protected]

RACINE, WI – The Bryce campaign released the following statement regarding Trump’s upcoming fundraiser for Paul Ryan’s chosen replacement Bryan Steil.

“With Donald Trump coming to town, of course he was going to stop by and fundraise with Paul Ryan for his handpicked replacement Bryan Steil. Bryan Steil, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump are out of touch with working families. All three rely on special interest groups and high dollar donors to hit their fundraising goals,” said Communications Director Julia Savel. “Bryan Steil is cozying up to Donald Trump and everything he represents: corruption, corporate greed, and tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. We now know for sure that the so-called problems Steil wants to solve are not the struggles of Wisconsin’s working families, but rather the needs of corporate America. Wisconsin’s first district doesn’t need another representative to rubber stamp Trump’s shameful agenda.”

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