The Congressional Leadership Fund today released a second ad in as many days attacking Dem 1st CD candidate Randy Bryce, this time featuring his brother expressing support for Republican candidate Bryan Steil.

James Bryce opens the spot saying he’s been a cop for more than 23 years and FBI assaults against law enforcement have gone up the last few years. He believes it’s “motivated in part by cop-hating rhetoric.”

James Bryce adds he’s been to three police officers’ funerals in the last two years, saying two were shot while trying to protect people from violent criminals.

“When people refer to police officers as terrorists, that hits a little close to home,” James Bryce says as the screen shows a 2012 tweet from Randy Bryce that included the phrase “When police become the terrorists.”

The ad then shows a Randy Bryce mugshot and a headline from a story on his nine arrests.

“I don’t think people want to be represented by someone who’s shown contempt for those in law enforcement,” James Bryce says to close the ad. “That’s one of the many reasons why I’m voting for Bryan Steil for Congress.”

The CLF, which is linked to House GOP leadership, said the ad will run on Milwaukee TV and digital platforms in the 1st CD.

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