CONTACT: Amanda L. Brink

“In recent years, our highest courts have become the agents of the most reactionary special interests in America. Every attempt to keep big money out of politics and to protect the voting rights of the common citizen has been blocked by our high courts, both state and federal. This year we have an opportunity to begin the process of returning our Wisconsin courts to serving our highest American ideals.

Tim Burns is the type of nationally recognized lawyer often referred to as a “super lawyer,” but he has used his skill and talent to help consumers stand up to powerful interests like insurance companies. Not only has he recovered more than a billion dollars from insurance companies for his clients, but he has been an unwavering voice for more than 25 years for consumers rights. He has represented the indigent and championed the cause of other lawyers who represent the indigent. He even led a team of lawyers who investigated the denial of voting rights in West Palm Beach, Florida in the 2000 presidential election.

We need a Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court who stands up for people and has the skill and experience to do so effectively. Tim Burns is a champion of progressive Wisconsin values and will never be just another rubber stamp for Scott Walker.

That is why I am proud to endorse Tim Burns for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

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