Contact: Amanda L. Brink
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @BurnsforWI

Madison, WI – Yesterday, news stories broke in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on a disturbing case in which the Wisconsin Appellate Court overturned Judge Dallet’s Circuit Court decision in which an African American was unlawfully searched for standing at a gas station for 5 minutes in Milwaukee.

Judge Dallet’s campaign offered responses via social media, a radio interview and within the article itself that were profoundly disturbing for a Supreme Court candidate — largely dismissing the rights of Wisconsinites under a disturbing common theme of ‘the results justify the means.’

The following is a statement from Amanda Brink, campaign manager for Burns for Wisconsin:

“It’s disturbing to see a Milwaukee County Judge seeking a Supreme Court seat, who either lacks a fundamental understanding of the protections outlined in the US Constitution or simply doesn’t care. Wisconsinites – black, white, brown, male and female have a right to stand in a public location without fear of pat down.”

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