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Ashland, WI — During a Fox News Interview last Wednesday on ‘Outnumbered Overtime TV Show’ Congressman Sean Duffy (R) of Wisconsin stated about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi that we needed to take a ‘Wait and See’ approach before blaming Saudi Arabia to host Harris Faulkner. “If there was a murder, and we don’t know who did it despite media hysteria and ‘Consulate dismemberment is de-rigueur anyway’ he went on to defend Saudi Arabia as a very close ally.”

Former Republican and Chequamegon Democratic Board Member Eric Lindell responded “It is disgraceful that Congressman Duffy is willing to give Saudi Arabia a free pass simply because it is an ally. Being an ally means at times standing up for our Democratic principles.” We call upon Congressman Duffy to reject President Trumps’ attacks on the media both at home and abroad. “The Republican Party has a history of standing up to tyrannical regimes and defending reporters who were threatened or locked up by their Governments.” – Eric Lindell. “Sadly, we are seeing the GOP retreat from these principles as President Trump singles out the Media as Enemies.”

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