Clark County in Caucus on 2/20/2018 Elected a New Chairman and Vice Chairmen and approved two (2) new Executive Board Members.

They are as follows:
Chairman – Charlotte Rasmussen, Town of Butler
Vice Chairman – Pam Travis, Neillsville

New Executive Board Members are:
Nancy Olson – Owen
Richard Schliefer – Neillsville

Continuing to serve as Officers are:
Secretary, Rose LaBarbera – Neillsville
Treasurer, Sandra Luedecke – Christie

Continuing to serve as Executive Members are:
Gary Leichtman – Dorchester
Robert LaBarbera – Neillsville
Lisa Nelson – Thorp

We look forward to continuing our work to Reelect our Republican elected Officials and adding members to the party.

Special Announcement – LINCOLN DAY DINNER ON March 11, 2018, in Neillsville, at the American Legion Post 73, at 12:00 noon. Please call (715-551-9724) for tickets or go to the and like our Facebook page at Republican Party of Clark County for more information.
Dinner Featuring Candidates for up coming Elections. Please join us on March 11,2018.

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