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Washington, DC – Today, CFG Action Wisconsin launched a new ad in the Republican primary in the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race.

Entitled “Puzzle,” the ad highlights Leah Vukmir’s blatant hypocrisy. Although Vukmir calls herself a “conservative,” her actions paint a picture of a big-government career politician who raised her own pay, increased government power to seize private property, and sought to protect colleagues who committed sexual harassment.

Club for Growth PAC has endorsed conservative Kevin Nicholson in the Republican primary. The winner of the Aug. 14th primary will face Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin in the general election.

Watch the ad here.

“Wisconsin voters deserve to know the truth about Leah Vukmir’s long record in Madison ,” said CFG Action Wisconsin President David McIntosh. “From her pay increases to her eminent domain vote, it’s clear that State Sen. Vukmir has consistently put her political career and her special-interest friends ahead of Wisconsin taxpayers. Washington already has plenty of politicians who pretend to be conservative on the campaign trail but vote like big-government insiders in D.C. Congress doesn’t need another.”


Leah Vukmir claims to be a conservative.

But that’s not how the pieces fit.  

Hypocrisy: She bragged about turning down pay hikes, but quietly pocketed a pair of pay raises. 

Big government: Vukmir voted to expand the power of government to take private property and give it to developers.

Insider games: She even supports hiding the names of politicians hit with of sexual harassment claims.

Leah Vukmir.  She’s no conservative.

CFG Action Wisconsin is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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