The Democratic Attorneys General Association’s new TV ad knocks Republican AG Brad Schimel for not doing enough to protect children.

The 30-second spot is from the WI People’s Lawyer Project, a DAGA arm. The group’s filing shows it spent about $807,000 on the buy, which will run through Election Day.

The spot begins with a grayed-out photo of a young girl and a female narrator who says, “Their safety is his responsibility, but Attorney General Brad Schimel repeatedly cut plea deals for men who sexually assaulted children,” as the screen changes to show a split screen with Schimel and block text that reads, “Plea deals for sexual predators,” accompanied by a list of case numbers.

The narrator then claims Schimel “blamed underage victims of sexual assault for their quote bad judgement” as the screen shows footage of another young girl.

The screen next pans to footage of Schimel talking to another man as the narrator claims a man accused of keeping child pornography “gave thousands of dollars to Schimel’s campaign.”

“That man got a plea deal just days after Schimel took office,” the narrator says.

“For their safety, vote ‘no’ on Schimel,” the narrator adds to close the spot.

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