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GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Dairy Business Association announced today its support for Gov. Scott Walker in his bid to lead Wisconsin as governor for another four years.

“Governor Walker has been and continues to be committed to moving Wisconsin’s dairy community forward,” DBA board member Tom Crave said. “He continues to present bold initiatives to make sure Wisconsin will always be America’s Dairyland.”

Walker understands that dairy farmers need a government that supports their needs to be successful, said Crave, a dairy farmer and cheese processor in Waterloo, Wis.

Crave said Walker strives to ensure that farmers have a state regulatory system that provides certainty and predictability so Wisconsin can remain the premier dairy state.

“Governor Walker has been instrumental in keeping our regulatory agencies in check and accountable to the farms, businesses and communities in our state,” Crave said.

Walker was first elected as governor in 2010, won a recall election in 2012 and was re-elected in 2014.

In his tenure as governor, he has championed numerous efforts to ensure the dairy community will remain an economic driver for the state and our rural communities.

Notably, Walker:

  • Backed 2011 Act 21 to allow for an open and transparent rulemaking process that has been essential in sustaining a workable regulatory environment.
  • Worked to open up more markets for dairy farmers, which has led to increased exports for Wisconsin farmers.
  • Worked to protect farmers’ investments in their farms and their ability to pass them down to the next generation.
  • Created a program to help start and fund farmer-led watershed initiatives throughout the state.
  • In the last year, put forward a proposal to make the permitting program for larger farms in Wisconsin more effective.
  • Most recently, created the Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 to take a comprehensive look at what can be done to maintain a healthy dairy economy for years to come.

Walker is facing Tony Evers in the Nov. 6 election.


Click here for a photo of DBA’s Tom Crave and Gov. Scott Walker at an endorsement event Oct. 18 in Manitowoc, Wis.


Tom Crave (right), a board member of the Dairy Business Association, announces the group’s support of Gov. Scott Walker (left) for re-election. Also pictured is Dan Meyer, president of the Manitowoc County Farm Bureau.

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