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Two Bar Association polls show stark difference between candidates; new endorsements add to momentum

MILWAUKEE — The two largest local bar associations in the state have released surveys of their member attorneys and judges and it is clear that the legal community agrees broadly that Judge Rebecca Dallet is the best prepared to be our next Supreme Court justice.

Respondents to the Dane County Bar Association survey were asked to rate each candidate on categories such as “character and integrity,” “fairness and impartiality,” and “relevance of legal experience.” Judge Dallet outscored her opponent in every single category in which they were rated.

In addition, respondents to the Milwaukee Bar Association survey emphatically noted their view that Judge Dallet was qualified, with 91% of those respondents expressing an opinion stating that Judge Dallet was ready to serve on the Supreme Court bench. In contrast, only 42% ‒ less than a majority ‒ of those expressing an opinion believed Michael Screnock is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

In addition, Retired Appeals Court Judge Paul Higgenbotham endorsed Judge Dallet, along with Judge Nancy Krueger of Outagamie County, Judge Julie Genovese of Dane County, Retired Judge James Bolgert of Sheboygan County, and Ald. Maurice Cheeks of Madison. They join more than 400 other judges and elected officials who have endorsed Judge Dallet in this race.

“As I travel the state, every person I talk to asks for us to return balance, independence, impartiality, and fairness to our Supreme Court,” said Judge Dallet. “It’s an honor to have this depth of support from the legal community as they look to restore honor and a sense of public service to our state Supreme Court. It’s time to focus on upholding the constitution and our laws instead of doing the bidding of the big-money special interests.”

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