Milwaukee Judge Rebecca Dallet’s first TV ad of the general election knocks rival Michael Screnock over light sentences for a child predator and a rapist, adding the Sauk County judge should never hold a seat on the state Supreme Court.

Dallet’s campaign said the ad will run in the Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Wausau markets through the April 3 election. A spokeswoman declined to say how much the campaign spending on the ad.

The spot opens with a shot of Screnock as the narrator says he’s never prosecuted a criminal case, “let a child predator walk without time” and allowed a “rapist who preyed on an underage girl go free after an only eight-month sentence.”

After the narrator says Screnock should never had a seat on the Supreme Court, Dallet introduces herself, saying she’s been a prosecutor and a judge for more than 20 years, “delivering justice to victims and their families in some of the toughest cases of rape and child abuse.” She’s shown on the bench as headlines from assault cases are shown on the screen.

The narrator closes the spot, “April 3, vote Rebecca Dallet on the ballot.”


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