6th CD Dem candidate Dan Kohl is out with three new TV ads in which he declares he’s not a politician, won’t accept corporate PAC money and wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi for House speaker.

It’s part of a $280,000 campaign that began airing on cable, broadcast and digital platforms in the Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay markets Tuesday.

The first 15-second ad, “This Money,” begins with an old man in a suit standing in a wind tunnel booth with the label “Corporate PAC Money” above him as he flails his body and howls while dollar bills fly circles around him.

The scene is then frozen and a red stamp that reads “career politician” is placed over the screen.

Kohl then introduces himself and says “I’m not a politician, and I won’t take money from corporate PACs.”

The second 15-second spot, titled “This Limit,” commences with the same old man, this time riding a mechanical pony to carnival music with a sign behind him that reads, “Limit: 1 Ride.”

The pony stops, prompting the old man to place another coin in the machine to keep it going. The screen then freezes and the same “career politician” stamp is overlaid on the screen.

Kohl then enters then introduces himself and again claims he’s not a politician.

“I’ll fight for term limits, and I won’t serve for more than eight years,” he says.

The last 15-second spot, titled “This Vote,” features the old man sitting at a table to vote. The camera pans to two other men who whisper into the old man’s ear, telling him to press the button to vote “yay,” which he does.

As with the other ads, the scene then freezes and the stamp “career politician” is placed over the screen, and Kohl introduces himself and says he wouldn’t vote to make Pelosi, D-Calif., speaker because “both parties need new leaders.”

See the ads:




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