Dane Co. Bar Association: Releases results of the 2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court judicial candidates poll

The Dane County Bar Association’s (DCBA) Judicial Selection Committee conducts an online poll of DCBA members regarding the candidates’ qualifications for all contested judicial races in Dane County or statewide. Out of the approximately 1,100 members who received the poll, 200 completed the survey.

This year’s poll categorized respondents based on their familiarity with the candidates and asked members to evaluate each on a sliding scale for ten objective criteria the Committee determined to be important characteristics of a good judge. For each criterion, respondents provided a rating of 0 for “No information,” 1 for “Unsatisfactory,” 2 for “Satisfactory,” 3 for “Good” and 4 for “Excellent.” The Committee then calculated the average responses overall and for each characteristic, including an additional breakdown based on respondents’ familiarity with each of the candidates. Responses of “No information” were not included when calculating the candidates’ averages. Below are the averaged results of this year’s poll for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Note: These results do not constitute the opinion of the DCBA or its Board of Directors.

Rebecca DalletMichael Screnock
Character and Integrity3.501.83
Promptness and Efficiency3.302.30
Collegiality and Professionalism3.461.96
Relevance of Legal Experience3.632.03
Temperament and Demeanor to Lawyers and Litigants3.452.02
Knowledge of Substantive and Procedural Law3.522.26
Fairness and Impartiality3.281.71
Oral and Written Communication3.382.35
Service to Community3.522.13
Total Overall3.442.10


No FamiliarityFamiliar, No Direct Legal ExperienceFamiliar, Direct Legal Experience
Character and Integrity
Rebecca Dallet2.883.614.00
Michael Screnock1.581.852.07
Promptness and Efficiency
Rebecca Dallet2.253.733.92
Michael Screnock2.002.312.58
Collegiality and Professionalism
Rebecca Dallet2.753.644.00
Michael Screnock1.631.972.29
Relevance of Legal Experience
Rebecca Dallet3.393.703.80
Michael Screnock2.061.912.11
Temperament and Demeanor
Rebecca Dallet2.603.764.00
Michael Screnock1.832.002.24
Knowledge of Substantive and Procedural Law
Rebecca Dallet3.073.683.80
Michael Screnock2.222.252.30
Rebecca Dallet2.573.613.93
Michael Screnock2.602.292.44
Fairness and Impartiality
Rebecca Dallet2.363.553.93
Michael Screnock1.501.562.07
Oral and Written Communication
Rebecca Dallet2.673.673.79
Michael Screnock2.402.232.42
Service to Community
Rebecca Dallet3.003.763.79
Michael Screnock2.431.742.22
Total Overall
Rebecca Dallet2.753.673.90
Michael Screnock2.032.012.27


For questions or feedback about the poll, please contact Executive Coordinator Bob Jordan at law@dcba.net.
Those interested in accessing the full results may do so HERE.