MADISON – In honor of National Foster Care Month, the Dane County Department of Human Services is raising awareness of the vital role foster parents play in the lives of Dane County’s youth, and the need for more foster parents for teens.

The awareness campaign, “Turn A Life Around,”  kicked off May 2nd at the State Capitol. The campaign is a partnership between the State Department of Children and Families  and the Coalition for Children, Youth and Families to highlight the need for foster parents throughout the State.

“I want to thank all the amazing foster parents out there,” said Dane County Executive Parisi. “We appreciate all you do for children in Dane County. Please consider fostering children, the need is always more and good stable homes are critical to a child’s development.”

Children and teens may enter Wisconsin’s foster care system every day due to a number of hardships. When they do, the children and teens are in need of kindness, stability, and support.

In Dane County, 218 children and youth are currently in foster care. Another 37 children and youth are in court-ordered care with relatives.

The need for foster parents for teens is particularly great in Dane County. 41% of the children in Dane County’s foster care program are aged12 and over, but only 19% of the County’s foster homes care for youth in that age range.

Dane County Human Services is in constant need for teen foster homes, and foster homes who will take siblings of any age.  For many children, this help in their time of need can turn their lives around.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster parent in Dane County, call 242-6303 or visit our website at

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