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57%-31% Say Less Immigration; 55%-34% Say End Chain Migration;

51%-27% Say Any Amnesty Must Also Mandate E-Verify

MILWAUKEE, WI (April 9, 2018) – A Pulse Opinion Research poll conducted March 14-18 reveals that most Wisconsin midterm voters want annual legal immigration numbers to be much lower.  The poll was funded by NumbersUSA which has launched TV ads in Wisconsin to raise awareness that current immigration policies are counter to what most voters want.

“We want Wisconsin voters who favor LESS immigration to know that most of the state’s voters agree with them – as do most voters nationally,” commented Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA. (He was referring to national polls by Harvard-Harris in January and by The Polling Company this month.)  “Armed with that knowledge, we hope the people of Wisconsin will encourage all of their members of Congress, especially House Speaker Ryan, to use their leadership to slow immigration so American wages can rise and so employers will more actively recruit from the tens of millions of working-age Americans who aren’t working at all.”

The Pulse Opinion Research survey (with a 3 percentage point margin of error) was of 1,000 likely voters in Wisconsin’s midterm congressional elections next fall.  The first survey question  was straight forward: “Current federal policy adds about one million new immigrants with lifetime work permits each year.  Which is closest to the number of new immigrants the government should be adding each year?”  Voters were offered three options for keeping immigration a million or higher and three options for lower numbers.  The response from Wisconsin voters was:  33% want less than 250,000, 16% say 500,000, 8% say 750,000, 16% say one million, 7% say one and a half million, 8% say more than 2 million, 12% are unsure.  Here’s a link to the poll

Poll results were similar in California where NumbersUSA has also launched TV ads in Majority Leader McCarthy’s district.  Here’s a link to the California poll:

The TV ad opens on a map of the U.S. flanked by a horizontal axis representing each decade since the 1950s and by a vertical axis representing average annual immigration numbers. A hand draws a line across the map, beginning at the bottom left corner in the 1950s when immigration was 250,000 per year. Then the line quickly slopes upward, reaching its apex today as Congress allows one million new immigrants a year.

As the ad suggests, at no time during that quadrupling of annual immigration have polls found a majority – or even a sizeable minority of Americans – advocating any growth in immigration at all.

“Immigration is an emotionally charged issue. We’ve tried to avoid emotional traps in this ad and simply give viewers the numbers,” concluded Beck. “We think that’s one of the most effective ways to make our case. Because numbers count.”

To learn more about NumbersUSA, visit  To view the TV ad, click the link

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