The Dem Assembly candidate accused of election fraud “welcomes the opportunity to address the issues that have been raised,” her attorney says.

The Watertown Police Department is investigating allegations against 37th AD candidate Charisse Daniels that were prompted by a GOP challenge to her nomination papers. Among other things, the complaint claims 43 of the Daniels’ 201 signatures were invalid, because they were fraudulently or improperly submitted. The complaint asked law enforcement to investigate the matter.

“We are gathering the relevant details now and will present them to the Elections Board and local officials,” said Daniels attorney Mike Maistelman. “We expect that this issue will be resolved and my client is looking forward to facing the voters on the ballot this fall.”

In her challenge, Republican Assembly Campaign Committee Chair Jenny Toftness submitted affidavits from 15 individuals claiming their names had been forged. She also referenced several others who claimed their signatures had been forged but either declined or were not able to sign an affidavit on time.

Toftness also referenced three signatures from individuals who signed the papers twice.

Two-hundred signatures are required to get on the ballot for state Assembly. Since Daniels has submitted 201 signatures, she can only afford to lose one signature to remain in the race.

Daniels had been featured in a CNN article about women who decided to run for office after the 2016 presidential election, which she called an “absolute kick in the gut.”

She is the only Dem who filed nomination papers to run against GOP Rep. John Jagler, of Watertown.

See the complaint:

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