6th CD Dem Dan Kohl is out with a new TV ad knocking Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman, claiming he sides with insurance companies.

The 30-second spot is airing in the Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison media markets.

It begins with a photo of Grothman next to skyscrapers and block text claiming, “Insurance companies love Glenn Grothman,” as a male narrator voices the text.

“In office 25 years, Grothman does what they want, so they give thousands to his campaign,” the narrator continues as footage of two hands shaking and block text is featured that says “Helping the insurance industry.”

The spot continues with the narrator claiming Grothman voted to remove protections for pre-existing conditions, allow insurers to increase rates for those over 50 and “take health care away from 416,000 Wisconsinites” as footage of a doctor and patient are shown.

“Glenn Grothman doesn’t work for us, he’s the insurance industry’s man in Washington,” the narrator says to close the spot.

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